Shibli International Education & Charity Trust provides services in various sectors:

The Trust came into being with an idea to establish, run, and manage schools, medical centers, craft/vocational training centers, junior colleges, residential schools, hostels, graduate and post-graduate colleges, education, language improvement, medical, and engineering, dental and physical education colleges.

It also provides services in the Medical Sector – I.T., Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Pathological Labs, etc. Apart from these, we also manage/establish/run & offer computer education for the benefit of underprivileged, poor, or needy students of society to improve their skills and promote employability.

We also help in establishing self-employed businesses, conduct marriages, health camps, etc., providing aid to other charitable societies and trust or receiving aid from them irrespective of caste, sex, or community they belong to. Our objective is to provide, promote, and encourage helping education health care by rendering financial or monetary assistance to the poor and needy.